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Elena (Prikhodko) Knapp is a self-taught mixed media artist that lives and creates in Austin, Texas, USA

 Elena is Russian and before moving to Austin lived in Middle East (UAE Dubai) for 14 years. Elena has always been creative and loved arts but started to paint herself only a few years ago. 

Her work has been shown throughout various venues of Texas, Elena's work is represented in a number of private collections world wide including USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Russia and MIddle East. 

She uses different paints such as 3D/acrylic/ceramic/glass/ink. All ornaments that Elena creates are original and never repeated. Most of her ornaments are painted in Mandala style Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". - Wikipedia. For Elena it’s a very meditative and a spiritual process, Elena never sketches them and uses unique dot-to-dot technique for her ceramic plates, every plate is "one of a kind", ideas and inspiration comes from all around - art, music, architecture etc. 

 Right now Elena is working on her drawings and on using her patterns on different products such as fabric, i phone covers and many more 

thank you for visiting my blog, lets talk, create and inspire each other

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