Saturday, March 31, 2012

quote that i really liked about blogs!

“There’s something sacred about reading a blog post on someone else’s site. It’s like visiting a friend’s house for a quick meal ’round the breakfast table. It’s personal—you’re in their space, and the environment is uniquely suited for idea exchange and uninterrupted conversation. In many ways, we should be treating our blogs like our breakfast tables. Be welcoming & gracious when you host, and kind & respectful when visiting.” – Trent Walton

Saturday, March 24, 2012

recently went to Houston which was my very first trip by myself in USA, had done lots of trips with my husband but never by myself yet:) so it was a good start, trip was fun and really pretty i went to visit my old friend that i know from my 14 years living in Dubai, somehow we both ended up in Texas:) she is about to have her baby.. expecting in May:) on the way the view is really beautiful! bluebonnets are all around here are some pictures