Sunday, August 25, 2013

my gift to my in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary

My in-laws had their 50th wedding  anniversary recently, so i thought i would make something nice for them
so i did find this poem and did make a calligraphic project so they can frame it if they want

Do ignore the pencil lines, i had them removed before i sent it out ... these pictures were taken right after finishing the lettering

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brody Neuenschwander "s work shop in Houston, August 2013

last weekend I drove to Houston to be in a work shop by Brody Neuenschwander 
he is pretty amazing, we were doing very unusual things in this work shop 
so practicing samples look very strange  
I had a lots of fun, oh practicing papers I have already cut into smaller pieces to make post cards out of it but I did learn a lot from Brody, he is very inspiring 
now i have to watch a movie "Pillow book" where calligraphy by Brody is used 
recommended to look thru his site too