Tuesday, September 25, 2012

wanted to show you all my office/studio its our "guest room" that we dont use as a guest room, or we do but not that often mostly it serves as an home office or a studio for me lately it was not much used, since we have to change our windows there... in summer that side of our house is getting too hot and that room is just not really comfy to be in, nor working in now its getting finally cooler in Texas and i can spend time in that room so i started a few days rearranging the whole room cleaning mostly, getting rid of the stuff that i no longer need also i got a few boxes containers from Target ... so i can device my art supply and arrange it the way that it would be easy to access and get stuff out and it would be still looking clean and accurate anyway those are pictures from my refreshed office can you show pictures of your home office or home studios?